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Certified API Security Professional

Online API Training and Certification Course to Become an API Pentesting Expert

APIs can be great sources of bugs, so it's super important to know how to test them. We even cover part of recon knowledge. After that, we will directly start testing for modern-day security issues like RCE, SQLi, XXE, and stored XSS, among others. 

This training provides the participants with in-depth expertise on the most notable and essential attack vectors in APIs to perform these attacks in numerous hands-on scenarios on live applications. 

This training includes hands-on practicals like attack surface identification and testing for traditional and business logic issues while understanding the business impact of the issue effectively in patch management.

Why learn API Bug Bounty with SIEM Intelligence?

  • 32 Hours of Live Online Instructor-led Training

  • Guaranteed to Run batches

  • Flexibility, Convenient & Time Saving

  • Certified & Experienced Instructors

  • Post Training Support

  • Customized Training

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Lifetime Trainer Support for Doubt Resolution and Mentorship

  • Access to exclusive POCs and private reports

  • Certificate after Completing the Training along with CPE Credits. Connect with us on WhatsApp to take a look at the sample certificate.

  • Available Training Options:

    • Group Training​

    • 1-on-1 Training

    • Customized Corporate Training

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