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Certified Cyber Threat Hunter

Online Threat Hunting Course to Become a Certified Threat Hunter

Threat Hunter Job Responsibilities

Cyber threat hunters bring a human element to enterprise security, complementing automated systems. They are skilled IT security professionals who search, log, monitor and neutralize threats before they can cause serious problems. 

The art of threat hunting finds the environment's unknowns. It goes beyond traditional detection technologies like SIEM, EDR, etc. Threat hunters comb through security data. They search for fully undetectable malwares or attackers and look for patterns of suspicious activity that a computer might have missed or judged to be resolved but isn't. They also help patch an enterprise's security system to prevent that type of cyberattack from recurring.

Why should you go for Threat Hunting Training?

Certified Cyber Threat Hunter (CCTH) will teach you the latest tactics and tools to fight against hackers and cyber attackers. Our instructors are industry professionals who have served as penetration testers, incident responders and computer forensic investigators.

Cyber Threat Hunting training covers security analysis, establishing a secure threat hunting setup, successful hunt patterns and liaising with security operations centre personnel to cover all angles of attack while the threat is ongoing.

CCTH training includes live threat hunting use cases, for example, Event Log Clearing, RDP Tunneling and others. Each use case follows the hunting process by presenting a hunt mission and providing artefacts for hands-on analysis in a lab environment. Use cases are mainly separate hunt missions for network and endpoint with two use cases that require investigation in both areas.

Certified Cyber Threat Hunter (CCTH) certification is designed for network security professionals and incident responders using security and logging products to assist with their network and endpoint-hunting responsibilities.

After completing the training, you will possess advanced skills to hunt down, identify, counter, and recover from various threats within enterprise networks, including APT nation-state adversaries, organized crime syndicates, and ransomware syndicates.

Why choose SIEM Intelligence?

  • 32 Hours of Live Online Instructor-led Training

  • Guaranteed to Run batches

  • Flexibility, Convenient & Time Saving

  • Certified & Experienced Instructors

  • Post Training Support

  • Customized Training

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Lifetime Trainer Support for Doubt Resolution and Mentorship

  • Access to Recorded Sessions

  • Certificate after Completing the Training along with CPE Credits. Connect with us on WhatsApp to take a look at the sample certificate.

  • Available Training Options:

    • Group Training​

    • 1-on-1 Training

    • Self-Paced Training

    • Customized Corporate Training

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